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Short Testimonials - for micro-suction and hearing aids

Testimonials for Hearing Aids

Retired gentleman with busy social life and an avid bird watcher

(Widex Passion 115s)


I want to put into writing how very pleased I’ve been in all my interactions with Crystal Hearing. All aspects of the service I received can only be described as excellent and rated as outstanding. I speak with some authority since before I retired I was Dean of the European Quality Management Colleges based in six EC Countries. The Colleges taught executives and managers how to achieve quality within their organisations and how to deliver outstanding customer service. Had you attended you would have achieved the top five-star rating.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Crystal Hearing to anyone considering purchasing hearing aids.


Tony Barnes (Putney, London)

A Doctor who upgraded his aids from NHS issue hearing aids to Phonak Audeo Smart 9’s

Dear Paul

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the aids and the very quick and efficient service at every level from the initial enquiry, the help with access to work, the ordering and for the aftercare service. My e-mails and questions have been answered almost immediately and any requests followed up within days (more often than not in hours).

I am a newly qualified Doctor and have previously worn my old NHS hearing aids. However, when starting working as a Doctor I soon realised that these were inadequate. I therefore contacted Paul who ran me through various options and taking into consideration my own personal situation advised for the Phonak Audeo Smart hearing aids. The solution was a Receiver in the Ear (RITE or RIC). Enabling me to use the phone normally as sound is transmitted through the dome fitted into my ear (my hearing loss was not so bad that I could not use the phone). In addition I can actually use my stethoscope without having to remove the aid at all, essential in today’s infection control climate. But probably most importantly I can actually hear more of what the patients and other staff say in very noisy and distracting environments. Ensuring I do not miss any vital bits of information which could help with the patients care.

One area where I noticed that my aids needed adaption was when using my stethoscope and although I could hear the stethoscope (amplified one) I could also hear all the external noises. Paul quickly solved this by adding a simple mute function on my aid which proved extremely helpful.

Thanks again for the informal yet personal and professional manner with which you have dealt with my needs.



From a dear Doctor client who kindly sent me this testimonial knowing he was terminally ill and soon to pass away

Dear John

I would like to put it on record once again, that with your unsparing help with my improved hearing over the last few years and your valuable advice, you improved my appreciation of conversation, music, TV, radio, telephone etc. and made it crystal clear.

I am most grateful to you and have really appreciated all your valuable support with my hearing loss. I shall certainly continue to recommend your excellent expertise, as i have done in the past, and quite sincerely believe that others will benefit from it as greatly as I did.

With my very best wishes to you and your family from your very grateful

Dr H Freudenheim

Phonak Virto Q50 Nano fitted to an active gentleman who plays golf

Hi John,

We had a great time thanks. The aids are brilliant, I have them on lowest setting with TV on 8-9 (12-15 without them), my wife now asks if it is OK to turn the sound up a bit!

There is one small thing though, when I talk I am conscious that my voice echoes is that to do with feedback due to hole size front to back?

It is not a show stopper, as I say, overall the whole thing has been a very good experience, especially your no nonsense approach, much appreciated.



A 90 year old gentleman who bought the complete ‘Oticon Connectline’ wireless accssory package

I am 90, profoundly deaf,and have 2 Oticon Agil digital hearing aids. I recently bought an Oticon Streamer and all the other accessories. I find this gives me good clear sound on the phone, a great improvement, & it enhances sound from the TV so I no longer need to rely on sub-titles. The microphone is a big help if you are in a noisy place with one friend, I can hear him OK, not so useful with a group. Overall though a good buy.


Brian Williams

Lady with a hearing loss in one ear and very bad tinnitus

Hello John

Just to let you know that the hearing aid is fine and I have ordered the items recommended in your e-mail.

Many thanks for your help. It is the most comfortable hearing aid I have ever used so I’m really pleased so far.

I’ll speak to you in a few weeks time as you suggested.

Kind regards


Follow Up email

Hi John

I left a message on your phone this morning. As promised I said I would send you an e-mail.

The hearing aid is great. The sound quality and the fit are both really good so I don’t think we need a follow up visit. I can’t quite believe I have adapted to it so easily without any fine tuning. Usually, I struggle for the first few weeks trying to adapt to the new sound but everything seems to be perfectly ok in this instance.

I’ve had several hearing aids over the years and this outshines all of them.

Thanks for all your help. If I have any questions, I will make contact.

PS – Hope your back is better!

Kind regards


Busy working lady who wears one hearing aid, fitted with a Phonak Virto Nano IIC hearing aid

Hi John

Thank you so much for all your help in finding me a hearing aid and Com Pilot, that would not only help with my hearing loss but also help calm my severe Tinnitus.

I have unsuccessfully been trying to get a hearing aid that could produce a Tinnitus masker (that I could actually hear), for over 12 months, since suffering Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in February 2014. The NHS, Specsavers and even The Tinnitus Clinic in Harley Street were unable to help me. I was beginning to despair.

You were the first person to actually sit and listen to me and understand what I needed and then together, we decided on the best hearing aid option.

I am really pleased with my Phonak Audio V90 aid, it is really comfortable to wear and after just a few days, my Tinnitus has already noticeably improved.

I would definitely recommend you to everyone.

Many, many thanks


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