Busy working lady who wears one hearing aid, fitted with a Phonak Virto Nano IIC hearing aid

Hi John

Thank you so much for all your help in finding me a hearing aid and Com Pilot, that would not only help with my hearing loss but also help calm my severe Tinnitus.

I have unsuccessfully been trying to get a hearing aid that could produce a Tinnitus masker (that I could actually hear), for over 12 months, since suffering Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in February 2014. The NHS, Specsavers and even The Tinnitus Clinic in Harley Street were unable to help me. I was beginning to despair.

You were the first person to actually sit and listen to me and understand what I needed and then together, we decided on the best hearing aid option.

I am really pleased with my Phonak Audio V90 aid, it is really comfortable to wear and after just a few days, my Tinnitus has already noticeably improved.

I would definitely recommend you to everyone.

Many, many thanks


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