Lady with a hearing loss in one ear and very bad tinnitus

Hello John

Just to let you know that the hearing aid is fine and I have ordered the items recommended in your e-mail.

Many thanks for your help. It is the most comfortable hearing aid I have ever used so I’m really pleased so far.

I’ll speak to you in a few weeks time as you suggested.

Kind regards


Follow Up email

Hi John

I left a message on your phone this morning. As promised I said I would send you an e-mail.

The hearing aid is great. The sound quality and the fit are both really good so I don’t think we need a follow up visit. I can’t quite believe I have adapted to it so easily without any fine tuning. Usually, I struggle for the first few weeks trying to adapt to the new sound but everything seems to be perfectly ok in this instance.

I’ve had several hearing aids over the years and this outshines all of them.

Thanks for all your help. If I have any questions, I will make contact.

PS – Hope your back is better!

Kind regards


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