A Doctor who upgraded his aids from NHS issue hearing aids to Phonak Audeo Smart 9’s

Dear Paul

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the aids and the very quick and efficient service at every level from the initial enquiry, the help with access to work, the ordering and for the aftercare service. My e-mails and questions have been answered almost immediately and any requests followed up within days (more often than not in hours).

I am a newly qualified Doctor and have previously worn my old NHS hearing aids. However, when starting working as a Doctor I soon realised that these were inadequate. I therefore contacted Paul who ran me through various options and taking into consideration my own personal situation advised for the Phonak Audeo Smart hearing aids. The solution was a Receiver in the Ear (RITE or RIC). Enabling me to use the phone normally as sound is transmitted through the dome fitted into my ear (my hearing loss was not so bad that I could not use the phone). In addition I can actually use my stethoscope without having to remove the aid at all, essential in today’s infection control climate. But probably most importantly I can actually hear more of what the patients and other staff say in very noisy and distracting environments. Ensuring I do not miss any vital bits of information which could help with the patients care.

One area where I noticed that my aids needed adaption was when using my stethoscope and although I could hear the stethoscope (amplified one) I could also hear all the external noises. Paul quickly solved this by adding a simple mute function on my aid which proved extremely helpful.

Thanks again for the informal yet personal and professional manner with which you have dealt with my needs.



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