Unitron TV Connector


Unitron TV Hearing Aid Streamer

For streaming TV to Unitron’s wireless hearing aids

For streaming TV direct to your hearing aids for greatly improved speech clarity

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Unitron TV Streamer

For streaming TV to the latest Unitron wireless compatible hearing aids.

Streams over 15m from any audio device with an audio output socket (TV, laptop etc)

Dolby surround sound.

This a simple device is plug in, pair and play accessory – no neckloop or body worn streamer is required.

Uses AirStream technology – excellent efficient streaming in stereo with no perceivable transmission delay.

CABLES: The Phonak TV Connector supports two different audio cable inputs: Optical (Toslink) or Analog (3.5 mm jack) to connect to any audio source such as a TV, PC or HiFi system. HDMI cables are not supported.  The optical toslink and analog audio cables are included in the package and can be plugged into the dedicated audio socket on the Phonak TV Connector. If your e.g. TV only provides an RCA / Cinch (red/white) output or Scart then you will need an additional adapter – find more details here.  If you use (or can only use) the headphone jack output then the use of this device will mute sound for other users.

This accessory does NOT require Audiologist assistance to set it up


Customer review:

“Hi John, I just wanted to advise you that the TV connector arrived safely today.  I spent 10 minutes reading through the instruction manual and was able to set it up in literally around 3 minutes!  The difference it makes is phenomenal and makes watching TV so much better.  Thank you for your excellent and prompt service and also for advising me about the VAT exemption which was a great saving for me. Thank you again for all your help. Ken”

This accessory does NOT require Audiologist assistance to set it up

Some hearing aid accessories can be purchased VAT free.

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