Starkey Table Microphone


Multi-Purpose Voice and Audio Streamer for Starkey Evolv & Livio hearing aids

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Starkey Table Microphone

For Starkey Wireless Hearing Aids – Genesis, Evolv, Livio

A multi-purpose voice and audio streaming accessory.

Primary purpose is for table placement with 8 directional beam focusing microphones.

Secondary purposes:

  1. body worn voice streaming, similar to the Starkey remote microphone plus
  2. wireless audio streaming (i.e. music / TV) – similar to the Starkey TV accessory

Streams in high fidelity sound, improves clarity of speech, and reduces listening fatigue.


  • 8 directional microphones with beam forming technology
  • Automatic directional focus (for noisy places), surround sound (for quieter places), and manual mode (tap the mic direction you want to focus) – can focus on two speakers at once.
  • Comes with a lanyard so can be worn by a third party (with directional focus to their mouth)
  • Cable speaker connection streaming

Lithium-ion battery – streaming time on one charge is 12 hours. Takes 2 hours to charge.

User manual and other useful links

Customer Review:

I just received the most incredible, innovative hearing aids along with a new accessory device which have forever changed my life! I call it the Holy Grail!

It’s a small portable microphone that connects you to different devices and variety of different environments & lifestyles. And what blows my mind the most is the clarity and the crystal clear sound it projects, even with my severe-to-profound hearing loss!

On my flight home from MN, I connected this microphone into the Delta In-flight movie screen. I was then able to get it set up so it was streamed to my hearing aids. Wireless & hands free! I could’ve gone to the bathroom & still continue listening to the movie! ha! And then, I took another step further and muted my hearing aid mics so I didn’t have to be distracted and hear the loud plane engine and other collective noises going on in the cabin!! With absolutely no background noise and complete silence, I was able to hear, watch & understand the in-flight movie with a crystal clean & clear message throughout the whole flight!!!

Now I don’t have to inconveniently take my hearing aids out and replace them with my custom ear monitors and plug them into the screen anymore! Truly a game-changer for me!

THANK YOU Starkey Hearing for giving me the Gift of Better Hearing!


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