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Phonak Battery Charger-Case & Battery Pack


Battery charging case – for Phonak Paradise, Marvel & Belong rechargeable hearing aids.

Specifically for Audeo, Bolero and Naida models.

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Battery charging case for Phonak hearing aids

For Phonak Paradise, Marvel and Belong rechargeable hearing aids

Specifically lithium-ion models Audeo, Bolero and Naida.

See compatibility chart here

The charging case case gives 24 hours of hearing aid use with just 3 hours of charge time; or 6 hours of wear time with a quick 30 minute charge time.

The charging case doubles up as a dehumidifier giving protection against moisture – one of the most common causes of hearing aid fault.

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids can be switched off, so once they are charged they are not discharging until you start to wear them and turn them back on.

Light indicators make these hearing aids very easy to operate.

For extended battery charging on the go this item can be bought with the Phonak Battery Power Pack for portable cable free charging.


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Hearing Aid Charger Case
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