Oticon TV Adaptor


Wireless TV streamer for Oticon hearing aids only

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Oticon TV Streamer

For streaming your TV audio signal direct into your Oticon hearing aids for improved speech clarity.

Important note – there are two models as below:

We now nly supply the later version 3. Simple rule – if your hearing aids connect direct to your mobile phone then the TV3 will work.

TV2 – discontinued

For use with  Alta 2, Nera 2, Ria 2, Dynamo, and Sensei and some other NHS hearing aids including Spirit Synergy and Spirit Zest.


For use with Oticon INTENT, OWN, REAL, MORE, OPN, XCEED, ZIRCON, RUBY, SIYA and ENGAGE / OPTIM NHS hearing aids.

Easy to set up and streams direct to the hearing aids – no intermediary device is required.

CABLES: The Oticon TV Connector supports three different audio cable inputs: Optical (toslink), RCA (red / white) and Analog (3.5 mm jack) – to connect to any audio source such as a TV, PC or HiFi system. HDMI cables are not supported.  The optical toslink and analog audio cables are included in the package and can be plugged into the dedicated audio socket on the Oticon TV streamer accessory. Scarts are not supplied but can be used with an appropriate connecting adaptor cable.

This accessory does NOT require Audiologist assistance to set it up

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